These instructional videos by DJ Spek illustrate the use of the BeatMapper and Jackson. They don't replace the manual or the guidance by somebody in the know, but they can definitely put you on the right track.

The videos are screencammed flash movies. They are compressed, so don't expect pristine audio or video quality. Moreover, the screencam itself might have introduced small artifacts in the audio. Still, the needed bandwidth is about 300 to 400 bps, so you do need broadband. If you'd like to see these videos in a narrowband format, let us know.

beatmapping I

In this first video Spek beatmaps some tracks by Christopher Lawrence. These tracks are basically fixed tempo, but contain some challenging artifacts one might encounter while beatmapping.

beatmapping II

In this second video Spek beatmaps some tracks by the Brazilian Drums Society. The tempo of these tracks is variable, so the beatmapping is a bit more involved.

mixing I

In this third video Spek mixes a Christopher Lawrence track with a Drums Society track: live Brazilian percussion perfectly fitted on top of U.S. techno. This video shows some of the awesome power of Jackson.