Jackson 1.34

To run Jackson, you need a PC, preferably with an Intel processor and 128 M of RAM or more (1 G or more if you run Vista). Also, you need Windows XP or Vista. We recommend Windows XP Pro.

Installing Jackson is easy: download the installer and double-click it. Then go through the different dialog boxes. You need a recent version of Windows Installer on your system. Otherwise you might run into error 1723: "A DLL required for this install to complete could not be run." If you encounter this error, then download Windows Installer 3.1 from this location or directly from our site.

To download Jackson, please click the link below.

Jackson 1.34 Download

WMA Support

To use Jackson with files in Microsoft's proprietary format WMA, you might have to download and to run the file wmf95dist.exe. Do not run the file directly from the Internet but save it first, for example on your desktop. Close all applications before running the file.

Executing the file installs a library on your system. Whenever you install a newer version of Jackson, you do not have to reinstall the library. You can remove the file after installation.